Friday, October 5, 2007

Week 8 and Week 9

I looked at google documents and spread sheetes which will come in handing for my statistics for STG and LSC ordering. I love the awards list, and shared it with my husband, my super techie, who didn't know about them. Ha! You tube was fascinating, but disturbing that so many people have that much extra time to produce or want to share them. I have searched for podcasts, especially about current topics. I did enjoyr looking tat the titles on Netlibrary, etc. Good luck to all helping with Gutenburg. So many good books, and so many out of print.

This has a been a good exercise for me, but the timing was not good starting with the tech training in June. We get so busy with booktalking and decorating and planning for SRP, it is hard to find time at work. I did a lot of reading at home this summer, but did not get much time to blog. Thanks to Pat Gobble who allowed me to visit at her house on our days off to get it done. Great support for us here in BA.

Week 7 - # 16, #17

Well, I am always arguing with my sons about the credibility of wikis in the educational realm. I say it is a great source that can get one started, but should never be quoted as the authoritative source for any reports. But mom, they are constantly being checked by knowledgable people. Yes, but they also may be corrupted by tricksters or just stupid people. I do use it at home and at work to jump start me on a search. I have never had to do a group project, but now I will have a better understanding if Jennifer or Jamie invite us to be a part of one as librarians. My opinions may have a better chance of being heard and then discussed. In a positive manner, of course. I have chosen Favorite Children's Authors for my beginning topic for Sandbox. Hard choices ahead.

Week 6 - #13, 14, 15

It really helped when Maurice and Annette explained way back in June that tagging is just a another word/form of cataloging. That made sense. I explored Technorati before and have decided not to register since I do not want to post just use to search interesting postings about subjects that interest me for work. Libraryland gossip. Using my bookmarking site allows me to have access to my favorites that have posted on my home computer anywhere I may be working. And besides I like the title, it makes me get hungry without the calories. I have read about 2.0's in magazines, newspapers, our webmasters's e-mails, and now through this training. I know this is the way of the future, and it is good for me to know about this so I don't become extinct like the dinosaurs, BUT, I prefer not to sit in front of my computer more than I have to. Give me my rose garden and my husband for entertainment. I should always try to appear smarter than the kids I serve. It gives me street cred.

Week 5 - #10, 11, 12

Yahoo! Avatars U.K. & Ireland
This is me - pretty spiffy children's librarian for 2007. Check out the dachshund. Mine is black and tan, but that's okay. It was very difficult choosing favorite books. Too many good books, I can never reach the quantity of some of these on-line catalogers or make up my mine which to choose. Great tool for looking for possible booktalking and books for the adult book-club that I am in. I explored Rollyo and chose sites that would be appropriate for my interests and my job.

Week 4 #8 & #9

Well, I have looked at all of the week lessons, but never got around to blogging about them this past summer and in September. Just too busy, and my computer at home was not cooperating, so now is crunch time, just like at college term paper time. I created a blogline so I can keep up with the weather when my husband travels and the news on NPR so it can be an intelligent report of life. I still prefer reading my morning paper at breakfast, reading my library journals and getting library or technology updates from Irmgarde and her compatriots.

Week 3 #7

Well, my husband had given me a photo printer and I have been practicing using it. It has helped me print photos quickly that I need for LSC toy check-out for new and replacement toys. I also visited my sister in Vermont, took digital photos, wanted to send them to her on-line, but her computer was acting funny, so wah-la, I printed them out after enhancing them, and sent them to her. She is even less techie than me. We both appreciate the new technology, when we have the time to use it and when it doesn't break down. We are twins!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Hi Fellow HCPL Bloggers, When my sons come home for a visit they will surely be impressed that their ancient mother has a blog and has now used flickr. Someday when I have grandchildren I will have more interest in sharing photos with them. Of courseI will enjoy sending photos of my first daffodils of the Spring to my sister in Vermont, when she is still getting snow storms. I don't know if my oven counts as new technology, but I am discovering new functions on the touch screen. We have come a long way from campfires.